Super Busy Day

It was vacation for last three days and Starting the week after a festival break is not that easy… But my day started by a wake-up call from my HR… She is slogging to close our VP Sales requirement and I know we (Directors) have not supported her… It was a classic case of mismanagement where I committed for interviews & meetings which got colloided…

The day started by missing an interview which Me or Bala was unable to take… But other than that I managed to honor all other commitments… So, these are the things I did for the day;

  • Brief Tele-con with Major Karthik.
  • Meeting with a friend who is into IT-Sales at Subway Nungambakkam by afternoon.
  • Meeting with AISEC representative at Cafe Coffee Day Nungambakkam by evening.
  • Returned to office to interview a candidate for VP Sales.
  • Then there was a Review meeting with CCS Sales Folks, Bala & Myself.
  • A brief meeting with a Banker which was fitted in between.
  • By 9 o clock went to meet KaviRaj.

Over all I was happy that all meeting progressed well and it was over all a productive day.


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