Sleep Deprived

Yesterday got too enthusiastic about my blog update and for this weeks sales and delivery planning… Got so obsessed that I couldn’t sleep for more than 2 hours!!

By far it was productive night where I made around 10+ blog post, planned sales & delivery strategy, did some personal finance management and finally ended everything with a 3.5KM walk in the morning..

Immediately took a shower and proceeded to office.. It is surprising that I was feeling fresh till 3PM… Just started feeling a bit drowsy and got a bit of caffeine to boost myself!!!


Hope I can finish this day with a high note as this is the beginning of the week!!! 


Super Busy Day

It was vacation for last three days and Starting the week after a festival break is not that easy… But my day started by a wake-up call from my HR… She is slogging to close our VP Sales requirement and I know we (Directors) have not supported her… It was a classic case of mismanagement where I committed for interviews & meetings which got colloided…

The day started by missing an interview which Me or Bala was unable to take… But other than that I managed to honor all other commitments… So, these are the things I did for the day;

  • Brief Tele-con with Major Karthik.
  • Meeting with a friend who is into IT-Sales at Subway Nungambakkam by afternoon.
  • Meeting with AISEC representative at Cafe Coffee Day Nungambakkam by evening.
  • Returned to office to interview a candidate for VP Sales.
  • Then there was a Review meeting with CCS Sales Folks, Bala & Myself.
  • A brief meeting with a Banker which was fitted in between.
  • By 9 o clock went to meet KaviRaj.

Over all I was happy that all meeting progressed well and it was over all a productive day.

Sleep delayed the day

It was a drowsy start for the day. Had slept early to wake-up early for the Board Meeting. As usual got-up mid night and was in no mood to work and my brain was full time thinking about the ways to improve the productivity in the organization and ways to improve the sales.

By the time it was early in the morning and I thought i need a short nap to stay fresh for the meeting. But I slept long that I got up only by 11:15 AM & the meeting was by 11 AM… Other two directors made up on time and I had to call them and I made it to meeting by 12:30 noon with a awkward smile. My other directors were lenient enough to forgive me.

Then we started the meeting and we had effective meetings and many decisions were taken. Now it is time to work on the decisions and implement them quickly.

After the meeting it was time to call everyone who kept calling me form the morning.  After that decided to go for a Video Blog which i was planning to do it for long time. I pinged my fellow CEO at Contus Support Interactive & he was generous enough to install the plugin immediately. For now i don’t have time to test it. Probably I might do it from tomorrow.

Now it is time to get back home, pack my bags and proceed to board my bus as there is only 2 hours left from now.

Wish me Happy Journey!!!!!

An Exciting Day with great Composure

Always i rejoice days where i worked with full satisfaction. I carry that happy moments along with me & will funny & accommodating.

But I don’t know what happened today. I wanted to be calm, silent & serious. Without me realizing I had a wonderful day at work and i did following tasks today;

  • Browsed & collected around 20 things which were bugs, suggestions & feedback for improvement.
  • Wrote a case-study for Cogzidel Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Coordinated with Madurai folks who made me Happy by launching new product for CogzidelTemplates.Com.
  • Had a productive meeting with my CTO where we discussed;
    • Speeding delivery of projects.
    • Road map for Sales Improvement.
    • Ideas for new products.
    • Plan for Development for Internal Framework.
  • Had meeting with my CFO to discuss about;
    • Status of fun raising.
    • Collected tough cases faced to write case studies.
  • Even before writing this blog finished writing one another case study.

This is supposed to be a fulfilling day for anyone and anyone must feel high. But for me everything looks normal and I’m not that excited. I normally go out to watch some movie when I’m sad or very much excited. Today i got a call from my friend to go for a movie which i turned down.

But i feel happy because the new change in me is only taking me in the right path.

Challenging day

Yesterday evening I was driving to office. It was a hectic day as I was attending calls non-stop. Then when I went to take my car a truck was parked in front of our gate and I had to wait for 10 min until the driver came back.

I drove some 500 meters just to realize that I forgot to take my wallet. Then had to return home to pick my wallet.

Then I realized I had to fill gas and I had to loose 5 min on the bunk.

Then the irony of dealing with mad drivers and unruly pedestrians. Finally reaching office was a big challenge.

A day out to Kodai!!!

Last week we had been to Kodaikanal for a day’s trip… Thanks to Major Karthik, Bala Subramaniyam, Boopathi & Sathick for sponsoring the trip… Ok itz wrong to tell it as sponsor as it is their Birthday treat… Since their birthdays fell within a month they thought they can join hands and give a memorable treat… Then boopathi took over and really rocked with his Admistration skills and finished the trip with less than 30% of the projected expense…

Asusual it got delayed because of me… I got up late and it took time to get ready, we were beyond schedule by 30 min… So all folks assembled in my house and this is the team excluding Senthil who joined us from Vadipatti…









Left to Right: Bala Subramaniyam, Major Karthik, Yours Truly, Boopathi, Sathick

Then we picked up Senthil from Vadipatti and then we stopped at Vathalagundu to have our breakfast…







Folks got down near the hotel, Hotel’s Entrance & Folks fighting… I just dank a cup of milk as I know eating too much will result in vomiting… But Sathick freaked with Vada, Dosa, Idly & Coffee and as expected he started vomiting… I was surprised to know that this was sathick’s first trip to a hill station…


Then we straight away went for site seeing… First was pine forest







We at carrot & Ice-Cream here…


Then we went to Guna caves, suicide points and many other places enroute before returning for lunch to Hotel Hilltop… I over ate here and had a nice nap… We cancelled our plan to goto Liril falls and Dolphin nose because there was not much water in the falls…

These are some of the snaps we took on that day…