Devil is out & Guild it In

Was upset with a lot of things for a long time and was not venting it out. Once I reached home late in the night my mom opened the gates and I immediately raided at my mom. I flushed out all the devil in my brain and I was feeling a lot light.

But after sometime the guilt of hurting my mother has taken over. Now I’m Happy & Worried for my deeds. No idea on how to go convince my mother and make up for my act.

The point is there were lots of things which I want my mother to change from overdoing on her Spirituality, her horoscope addiction, her lack of taking control on things and taking accountability & ownership.

For a long time all the above things were interfering with my day to day life and I was not able to take them any longer. Yesterday I took her for a Toss. Was feeling comfortable that I conveyed what is there in my mind. But seeing her worried and her sad face made me worried.

What every it is she he my mother & I love her a lot. Now I’m feeling bad that i’ve hurt her for all the non-deliberate things of her which Hurt me.

It was a very tough situation I’ve ever come across and not sure if my dealing was correct or wrong. Again I wanted to vent out my guilt of hurting my mom.


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