A different experience

It was a satisfying day at work and I was relieved to close a long pending requirement. Though this is just a drop in the ocean and the journey starts from here. I feel a sense of relief as this requirement was running for months and we are getting exhausted. By the time I was wrapping my day at office I got a friend which had really strong words and that made me feel hard. It carried for sometime until I was carried away by exciting conversation which I love MBA, Case Studies & Entrepreneurship.

Then I returned home early today and I had no plans to work for the night & I was not feeling sleepy either. Had no idea how to spend time. I’m sitting with my Laptop open and watching TV & I didn’t feel bored. Also I didn’t do anything useful too.

Came across Sun Music after a long time. I can say almost after a decade and they are playing songs of 80’s. I grew up listening to those songs. Each song made me nostalgic & I went back thinking the experience of watching those movies.

As a kid I was taken to those movies by my parents and watching movies were not like these days because they were totally different experience. I was taken to a selected movies, tickets were booked well in advance, mostly they were done during week ends. I use to count every day for the D-Day. I was always asked to study on Friday and Saturday if I had to be taken to that movie. Though I use to have the books on hand my mind will be full of expectation of watching that movie. For that 3 hour of joy I had to slog for a week. Anyways those were days of Bliss.

By the time I listen to the song I use to look for details in WikiPedia to read about my favorite stars of those days. These are some of the Actors, Actress & Movies I visited back.

Actors Actress Movies
Nagarjuna Girija Idayathai Thirudathey
Mohan Revathi Mouna Ragam
Karthik BhanuPriya Anveshana
Kamal Sri Devi Moondram Pirai
Rajini Ambika Ambulla Rajinikanth
Ramarajan Kanaka Karakatakaran
Mamooty Amala Mounam Samadam
Murali Revathi Pagal Nilavu
VijayaKanth Radika Naanae Raja Naanae Mandiri

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