Death of GrandUncle

Went to attend the funeral of my Grand Uncle who expired last Saturday. For me it is an experience which was new because I’m attending my first funeral in a Village & see the emotions of people.

My Grand Mother’s is a big family with 8 sisters and 2 brothers. My Grand Uncle was the last one Kid and he is 66 Years and all other siblings were elder to him. It was really heart breaking to see how all sisters cried and that showed what emotion is, what love is.

All arrangements for funeral were shared by all Village folks and everyone contributed their part. I’ve never seen such kind of participation in Cities.

Then it was normal routine done by my uncles to their father. The had to take a Dip at Kaveri River which is just 50 meters from their house. Though I’ve visited the village a zillion times I’ve never taken a dip in the river and it was my first opportunity to take it. Also we are lucky to see the river full because of the rains.

For me looking at the emotions, participation of people were all new and a new experience.


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