This time it is CitiBank

I’m tired of having issues with Banks and getting them sorted. This time issue is with CitiBank. So, here is a small synopsis of what has happened;

I had a Citibank Shoppers Shop CreditCard with number 5189 **** **** 8011 and I’ve been using this card for more than 5 years. On 7th of December I made a payment to settle my monthly dues through CitiBank Online banking. The very next day I tried to book a bus ticket to Madurai and the transaction was getting rejected. Then I loggedin to my Online Banking Account only to find the card to be missing from my Online Banking.

Then I immediately called CitiBank’s call center and after lots of confirmation I was told that my card has been upgraded and when I asked for the current status. I was told that the card was sent for embossing & representative said I’ll be send my card later. When I asked for a commitment on getting my new card. She denied to give a commitment. I was tired of such irresponsible response from bankers.

With lots of frustration I said that was the primary card I’m using and I said I need it badly. I asked her to take a request to push the process. She immediately replied will take a note of my request and I’ll be getting my card based on clearance in the Queue.

I was discussing about this with my CFO and he said this is a Banking Violation and legally banks are not supposed to terminate a service owing to upgrade or new service and that too when a request is not made by the customer. He asked me to file a compliant. But I’m sick and tired of doing it and as usual let me flush it our in my mouth-piece and move forward.


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