Citibank thinks they are too smart

We get complicent because of technology & couple of goodwill moves… This is what I had to experience with Citibank… I was a prowd account owner of Citibank because they made my bank online without any hassele even when Online Banking penetration was at a nasent stage…

I trusted them for their process & technology edge… I registered for mobile & email alerts for all transactions… Since I use to get those alerts I took them for granted with the trust I had on them…

A week back I transferred for one of my EMI which goes through Citibank… I promptly received an alert on mobile & email… This NEFT happened within 3 hours from transfering from another bank… I got surprised and I logged in to check if that was right…

Then I was in for another big surprise there was some charge for Rs.250/ + taxes for some charges… ┬áThis was deducted from the EMI money I transferred & my account fell 100 bucks short of required balance…

Now my question is?

  • What would have happened if I had not checked it.?
  • Are banks charges not applicable for ┬ácharges?

Such taking for granted attitude of banks upsets me… If I had not checked my Online Banking site accidentally I had to loose on;

  • Bounce Charge from both the banks.
  • A Black mark on my credibility.

Is that what I have to bare for trusting a leading bank in the world? Anyways it is time to be tentative and do the basics right even when we trust an entity.

This time it is CitiBank

I’m tired of having issues with Banks and getting them sorted. This time issue is with CitiBank. So, here is a small synopsis of what has happened;

I had a Citibank Shoppers Shop CreditCard with number 5189 **** **** 8011 and I’ve been using this card for more than 5 years. On 7th of December I made a payment to settle my monthly dues through CitiBank Online banking. The very next day I tried to book a bus ticket to Madurai and the transaction was getting rejected. Then I loggedin to my Online Banking Account only to find the card to be missing from my Online Banking.

Then I immediately called CitiBank’s call center and after lots of confirmation I was told that my card has been upgraded and when I asked for the current status. I was told that the card was sent for embossing & representative said I’ll be send my card later. When I asked for a commitment on getting my new card. She denied to give a commitment. I was tired of such irresponsible response from bankers.

With lots of frustration I said that was the primary card I’m using and I said I need it badly. I asked her to take a request to push the process. She immediately replied will take a note of my request and I’ll be getting my card based on clearance in the Queue.

I was discussing about this with my CFO and he said this is a Banking Violation and legally banks are not supposed to terminate a service owing to upgrade or new service and that too when a request is not made by the customer. He asked me to file a compliant. But I’m sick and tired of doing it and as usual let me flush it our in my mouth-piece and move forward.