Citibank thinks they are too smart

We get complicent because of technology & couple of goodwill moves… This is what I had to experience with Citibank… I was a prowd account owner of Citibank because they made my bank online without any hassele even when Online Banking penetration was at a nasent stage…

I trusted them for their process & technology edge… I registered for mobile & email alerts for all transactions… Since I use to get those alerts I took them for granted with the trust I had on them…

A week back I transferred for one of my EMI which goes through Citibank… I promptly received an alert on mobile & email… This NEFT happened within 3 hours from transfering from another bank… I got surprised and I logged in to check if that was right…

Then I was in for another big surprise there was some charge for Rs.250/ + taxes for some charges…  This was deducted from the EMI money I transferred & my account fell 100 bucks short of required balance…

Now my question is?

  • What would have happened if I had not checked it.?
  • Are banks charges not applicable for  charges?

Such taking for granted attitude of banks upsets me… If I had not checked my Online Banking site accidentally I had to loose on;

  • Bounce Charge from both the banks.
  • A Black mark on my credibility.

Is that what I have to bare for trusting a leading bank in the world? Anyways it is time to be tentative and do the basics right even when we trust an entity.


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