Full Filling Day

Came to Madurai on a days trip which was just to put some signatures to avail a loan… There was some hiccups but things ended with a result which is what matters…

Reached Madurai & I was picked by Major… He gave me Road Trip CD to watch which both of us use to hunt for & finally he got thru it… And day started with Road Trip & then started the confusion part… An essential document required as a part of documentation… Then Bala promised to send it before 12 in the noon & he kept to his words…

By the time I signed and Jegan reached the bank; manager of the bank left for some field visit… I got down as the entire purpose of my travel would have become waste if the work was not completed on the same day… The reason is;

  • We wasted a lot of time because of a useless NBFC Sriram City Union… They prolonged our application with lots of crazy policies & finally they were not offering the loan amount which we needed…
  • We badly needed a Gen Set as we have 3 hours of scheduled power cut along with some sundry hours which is not scheduled…

Finally I got a call from Jegan by 4  o clock asking me to come to the Bank to finish the formalities… Then it was a 30 min documentation formality & I had to sign some 15 – 20 pages… Any I immediately got the Demand Draft in the name of the vendor…

I take this opportunity to thank my friend Laxman without whom this would not have happened because;

  • I didn’t have an account with the Bank.
  • No rapport with the Manager.
  • Gave no collateral.

It was only for Laxman’s face value and thanks a lot my friend for this timely help… I’ll definitely bring you pride dude :)… Also I must thank the Branch Manager for taking the risk & offering us this loan… Jegan for his constant follow-ups & co-ordination between Bank Manager & CCS and making this happen… Also must thank Bala Murugan for his efforts to prepare all documents requested by the Bank…

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