Cinepolis @ Royal Meenakshi Mall Experience

As my Bangalore plans were royally screwed I decided to stay inside my home the whole day of Wednesday… I decided to get out for dinner at around 9.30 PM… I remembered a neighbor who insisted to call him whenever I was in Bangalore… I invited him to have dinner with me & he spontaniousl asked if I had been to the Mall… I said I wanted to go but was that lazy that I stayed at home…

He asked if we can have dinner at mall & go for a movie there… I immediately agreed as I never let down a chance to watch a movie, I wanted to visit that Mall, I did nothing the whole day & I wanted to eat out….

Mall was less than 2 KM from my house and I asked if we can take a Walk?? But we had to take my bike as it was already 9.45 and we had to eat and go for the movie… We reached the place in less than 5 min & immediately we rushed to 4th floor and got ticket to the movie Source Code 10.20 PM show…

We had 20 min to have our dinner & immediately I finished my dinner in 5 min… But didn’t know my friend was a slow eater and I said I want to see the movie from the beginning and I went first into Screen 3… Yep Screen 3 & Source Code is my first movie experience at CinePolis

The very beginning to ticketing experience gave me a feel good factor about Cinepolis… Then the smiley welcome in the entrance was something pleasant… Screen was wonderful with ample leg spacing, clean, sound was good and over all a nice experience as the movie was also good…

Immediately after returning home i wanted to Like Cinepolis & Royal Meenakshi Mall… After liking Cinepolis page I immediately made a post in the wall telling my experience and wished they be consistent & to my surprise I got a reply from their Social Media team… I didn’t know they took Social Media soo seriously… On the right is the screen shot of my wall post and their comment…


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