Changing Times & Lifestyles

Had a long conversation with my next door neighbor aunty… We have been neighbor for past 25 years as we came to this neighborhood almost together… Conversation started when she asked if my sister has reached US… We were talking for a long time & both were surprised to know a lot of things… She was telling people lack time for each other these days and we are not sure what our neighbor are upto these days… She was telling what I use to do in those early days… I hardly remember many as I was 6 years old & my sister was 3 months old :)…

A lot has changed in this two and half decade… When we came to this newly constructed our house during 1986 we had a good community… Almost everyone knew each other & there use to be a lot of community events conducted by our Welfare Association… One example was when I fractured my legs I was visited be a lot of neighbor to wish me quick recovery…

But these day we hardly have time for each other… Even community events are lacking patronage… I (mostly everyone) know new entrants into our neighborhood… Even with people I know it would be a smiley gesture and a reciprocation from the other end; we have no time to even stop and have a small conversation…  I was shocked to know lot of my friends with whom I played have been married with kids…

I’m not sure where are we heading to… We are looking like aliens to our own neighbors and I’m not happy with this new culture…


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