Reunion Sunday

It was a day of long sleep and after the sunset I picked up my friend and went to meet Malliya an old time (OLD ;)) friend… I went to his house in Velacherry  after a gap of 7 years and when I visited his house it was open grounds on all sides other than his compounded apartment… But this time I could hardly see any vacant ground…

Malliya was eagerly waiting for us with liquor without knowing that I quit my social drinking too :)… All I had on hand was a frozed seven-up which I had to wait for 30 min to melt everything… Then it was a nice 2 hour conversation where in I was given bad advise by my dunked friends… All I could do was to laugh at myself for putting me in a situation where in others were drunk… I could accept nor confront :)…

Then Rooban came with Shiv & Prakash and we decided to go for dinner… But we had to spend an hour driving to & foe in the 100 feet road to freeze a restaurant… Finally we zeroed at White Pepper Restaurant and folks ordered for Chinese & Arabian dishes… I mostly settled with Shakes…

It was already 11 PM and the group split with me & Roshan driving to Mayajaal to see Fast & Furious… Sadly all shows were full & we had to return with no luck… Thought there wasn’t special in this day it was also not a boring day…

Overall I spend the day seeing the happiness in my friends face :)…

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