Cashless Heart-full

My friend requested me to drive him for shopping… Being the end of the month I didn’t have a single dime; but i didn’t want to disappoint my friend & I swiped the last credit limit on my card to fuel the car… After our shopping my friend wanted to go for a drive… We normally drive to 24 hrs Cafe Coffee Day in SriPerambudur & since we didn’t have money we decided to take the Tirupathi road instead of Bangalore Highway owing to heavy traffic out there… I really enjoyed the drive as there was litrally no traffic & being cashless made us to explore a different route which will soon become our favorite long-drive spot…

We drove until Thiruvallur junction & we halted in a tea stall… My friend asked if I had any change & I got him all the change I use to drop in the car which came to 15 bucks… He got what he wanted & he returned 2 bucks back… When we were about the leave there was this guy selling Kulfi… I can never control myself my tongue when it comes to ice creams & I called the Kulfiwala without even realizing that we were short of money… When we asked for the minimum value kulfi he said it is 12 bucks & we were 10 bucks short of 10 bucks… I litrally searched my wallet and could not get more than 5 bucks & I was still short of 5 bucks… Then I inisited my friend to check if he had any change left in his wallet & he could get the balance 5 bucks…

The happiness I had that point was sky-high… It was like achieving or earning something big… At that point that Kulfi was like a priced possession… I started licking & I could cherish the taste entering my taste buds for each and every lick… Couldn’t remember when my taste buds had experienced such a great feel… At that point a bit of Kulfi missed my mouth and fell down & my expression was like missing Big fortune… Not sure how I reacted at that point but my friend noticed my reaction & he said “I spontaneously reacted like dropping something of great value.”

I literally came back to conscious only after finishing my Kulfi… While returning I was very much thrilled with that experience which was a common during schooling days where we buy an ice-cream to be shared by 3 – 4 friends & the the value of a couple of licks were countless… I had to personally thank my friend for the call he made which finally ended in me finding a new driving spot & an opportunity to cherish an ice-cream for itz full value…

At that point I didn’t feel like I was cashless but rather it was an experience which made me cherish & made my heart-full…


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