The Inner Peace

Just came out after watching the movie Kung Fu Panda II… The movie gave me a lot of answers for a lot of questions… I was able to draw lot of parallels from the movie… One such thing was the Panda – the dragon warrior (PO) searching & finding his Inner Peace…

Though the movie sounds comical it had lots of take away… I find my inner peace in being myself… I hate leading a fake life for pleasing others… I was happy to experience my inner self immediately after coming out of the movie…

It rained heavily outside & I went out an sat on the corridor floor when the whole bunch of visitors were standing… After my initiative a lot others started sitting on the floor… That moment I felt like a leader thought it sounded crazy…

That particular incident made me live the way I liked… When I came down I started my scooter & I was driving crazy on the basements bumpy floor… The child in me was out…

Then it was a fun ride… I wore my rain coat to avoid getting wet… My friend was mocking me that rain stopped and I got fooled by nature… But again our crazy four wheeler riders help be laugh back at him… They drove at a speed that they splashed all the stagnated water on us… I didn’t get angry as I got an opportunity to laugh back at my friend…

Overall I learned what Inner Peace is… I experience my Inner Peace… I thank Kung Fu Panda’s Master Shifu for explaining what Inner Peace is….

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