How to choose a MediClaim product??

My father is yet to retire and I’ll not be receiving a mediclaim as my father’s dependent anymore… It is time for me to find out a good mediclaim product in the market which might help in time of need… Not sure if I’d be in a position to negotiate the benefits my father enjoyed… My father coming from a big reputed conglomerate he was getting claims for medical prescriptions & for small clinical claims…

When I enquired with some agents they say I can claim only for hospitalization… Also I’m very much a naive when it comes to choosing an insurance product… So, if anyone can advise me on following things it will be of great help;

  • How to compare different mediclaim products?
  • Where can I find no. of players who offer mediclaim insurance?
  • How to negotiate for a better deal?
  • What all question should  I post to the agent?
  • Pls share you experience in finding the gimmicks or hidden information?
  • If I missed anything please help me by adding up right information…

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