Day of Loony Pranks

Today there was nothing special when it came to work… So, went out to honor my friends request to join him & then take him around malls in Chennai… Some of the pranks for the day;

  • Picked up my friend from Hotel & started to Express Avenue… Took a wrong route in Usman road & it took an hour to cross that road… My friend ran to the cops and told him that a ministers son was in the car & we were let on the the wrong route bypassing all the vehicle… Crap cops didn’t even check for the genuineness in my friends claim…
  • Went to a dress store in the mall… There was a big crowd in the store  & my friend wanted to try his size… Since there was a long queue in the trial room… My friend tried his t-shirt size near the entrance… Seeing this security came running by the time it became too late… He started murmuring that he would have lost his job…
  • Then my friend went to the BSA shop & we almost negotiated and brought a cycle for his Kid… Even the cycle was packed… Other friend who was staying out came in and said that he can get 20% discount if we got it from the Factory… It really frustrated the shop keeper…
  • All the bad we did for the day got back on us… It took 45 min to get pani puri from Gangothree… But it was fun waiting & joining the mocks with pretty college checks..
  • Finally went to drop my friend in Koyembedu… There a old man was about to board a bus… Citing his pretty grand-daughter we offered to help him… Luck favored us in cops who drove the bus before we could help old man board the bus… We went to get the bus back and it was great opportunity to get linked with that girl… But luck was more on my friends side as he was traveling along with them…

Over all it was a great fun-filled day…

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