Revival of 1997

Day before yesterday was one of the landmark days in my life… It was the reunion of 1997 batch mates of AV Meiyappan Matriculation HR Sec School… I’d like to thank JB Vinodh for initiating the idea and Srinivasan for executing the plan…

Though there were only 10 folks who turned up it was a great while to rewind 14 years back… In fact I met most of them after 14 years… We couldn’t accept that we were all grown and thine has passed this passed…

The fact is no one has changed in character and almost everyone was spontaneous in pulling down each other… Recollecting old memories, punishments, quarrels, ex-love (infatuation), teachers etc…

We have forgot the names of almost many girls and everyone explained situations to recollect names and personalities… One good thing was no one talked about profession or success stories…

We have planned to have a big reunion during November as most of the folks living abroad are planning a visit… Hope it should be more fun and am waiting for that day…

These photos will last in my memories forever..






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