Finally made it to Isha Foundation

Being a great admirer is Jaggi Vasudev’s speech and hearing about people’s experience about the benefits they gained thru isha’s yoga practices and the mental rejuvenation… I wanted to visit the place for more then 5 years now…

Since I’m undergoing a heeling process and didn’t get out of home for long, my uncle took me to Veliangiri Malai… It was a 30 KM drive and half way we got a call from a guest who was planning to visit us…

So we thought we can just visit the temple and return… Because of the fuss we just went to dhyanalinga and couldn’t make it for mercury lingam and missed a great opportunity to listen to sadgurus speech…

After meditating for 15 min in a very silent atmosphere gave real rejuvenation… I wanted to spend more time out there explore more… Unfortunately we had to return to meet the guest… After some shopping we headed back home only to get a call back from the guest that they are not making for the day…

Overall I’m very fascinated by the voluntary participation of high profile people… I always wondered how sadguru made people volunteer and work with high ownership… It is time to research more about him and his skills…

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