PubHOP after years

Those were times where Bangalore is known for its Climate, Garden, Pretty girls and the last one for its pubs… During my college days we use to travel to Bangalore just for Pub Hopping and the crazy thing is I was a teetotaller then…. We start from NASA and hop thru all the pubs at Residency, Brigade and MG Road…

But now I’m not longer a teetotaller and I’ve never thought of hopping pubs :)… We first went to a pub named DownTOWN at Residency Road… Those days this pub was one of our favourites… But this time around its standards have fallen drastically…

We didn’t like the place at all and we decided to move to some other pub and that is when I thou of hopping…. We went to couple of pubs and there was not much fun other than getting nostalgia and an opportunity to compare prices…


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