An Answer I needed…

Something so obvious is so obviously forgotten…

Habits, karma and and relationships are just a few of the things that can entirely control us without being in our control……

The only way to bring sanity back into our existence is to be sane and do what we can to control our impulses, our emotions and our minds…… from reacting without due process……

The secret of sanity is to stop reacting….. Start acting…….
That is…….. you do not allow the conduct of others to define what you do….. You act in a manner that forces others to act the way you want them to act……

What I say here can be used to create heaven or hell for yourself and all others around you….. All I will say and caution you here is …. Remember that there are two kinds of error in tennis……

Unforced errors and forced errors…… Forced errors arise because we try and respond and react to everything that goes on around us…. You are therefore playing the game your opponent wants you to play and he/she already has a first mover advantage….. There is very little chance that you will win the round…..

The point is to play the game your way….. do not react to what the other person is saying, doing or acting….. Think through your mind/intellect/heart, decipher what you want out of the interaction and then just do what you want to get what you want…. make sure however that what you want should lead to a win win situation for all parties…….

If you always play your game such that a win win win situation gets created all the time, you get what you want, you get what they want to give you as a bonus plus you get to bask in love of all around you…..

Take control of your life by first identifying what you want out of life….. Life is far more than ending up being the richest person in the cemetery…… Now spend time in earning what you want in life….. How do we go about that ?

Let us say you want to earn money….. How do you do that ? In order to earn money, you need to invest money……

You want to earn happiness, you need to invest happiness….
You want fulfillment, you need to invest fulfilllment….

Just as if you want mangoes, you need to plant a mango seed….
Do not expect mangoes if you plant apple seeds……

So therefore if you want true control of your life, learn to plant your own trees, rather than live off the fruits of the trees of others…… What they give you, they control…. do not complain if they serve themselves first……

Trees take a long time to mature and give fruit…. plant your seeds now….. it will take time for them to grow…….

Courtesy: The HIYLife

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