How CogzidelHR FaceBook Page Brand Positioned?

Two years ago I wanted a platform to reach to talent locally… I was thinking how Yahoo groups worked 10 years ago and was thinking how I can take it up socially… That is when I created this page… I asked my HR to post Cogzidel’s job openings there and asked them to get 10000 followers in 6 months…

For many reasons we couldn’t take it the way we wanted the page to be… Also we were able to get only 400 followers in a year and most of them were our employees or ex-employees… Another thing started to happen was there was very poor patronage on the page none of the job posted on the page got shared or got the result we expected…

We came to know only by increasing followers and posting our job openings is not going to help because people were forced to join and we are not offering any value or giving anything… That is when I used the common question in my b-school days “What is in it for me?”…

Four months back we decided to have a person hired and concentrate on the page dedicated… First thing we wanted was to engage the audience and getting more followers was second priority…

When we started started by posting a puzzle or aptitude question every day… Slowly engagement started to grow…

With frequent conversations we were able to generate more ideas to engage the crowd and we slowly added more variety of topics to engage our audience…

Over a point we realised that we have become more like a finishing school… Then I thought it would be a good Corporate Social Responsibility for bridging the employability GAPS faced by Tier II & III youths…

This is the Brand Positioning Campaign for

Cogzidel HR is a Social Media CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative by Cogzidel Technologies Private limited, for bridging the employability GAPS faced by Tier II & III youths…

What are employability GAPS??

      Interpersonal Skills
      Communication Skills
      Team Work
      Technical Skills
      Technology Trends

What is offered?

      Interview Tips
      Opinion Polls
      Technology News & Updates
      Aptitude Test
      Self learning Tips
      Training Material on PHP & PHP PHP powered frameworks
      Video Tutorials on Soft-Skills, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills
      Corporate Etteqites
      Job Openings @ Cogzidel
      Cogzidel Job Culture

What you get?

If you are a student or fresher you will get to exercises and tools to become market ready…

If you are experienced you can be updated technology and industry trends… Also you can help your friends and relatives by sharing Job Openings @ Cogzidel…


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