Curious case of Subhasini Mistry


“This is all I could do on my own. I don’t regret that I had to put two of my children in an orphanage, that I couldn’t educate them. There were things needed to be done for the greater good. I had no education and couldn’t even tell the time. So I decided I would do whatever work that was available. I started out as an aayah (domestic help) in the nearby houses. I did everything. There is no work my hands have not done. I have cooked, mopped floors, washed utensils, cleaned gardens, polished shoes, concreted roofs. My children used to earn Re.1 while I used to get Rs.1.25. I never spent on myself. Whatever I earned, I saved most of it for the hospital. One of the landlords was selling off his land. I went to him and fell at his feet to let me buy the plot for a lesser amount. Our main problem is shortage of doctors. They are only available on specific dates. Since we do not pay them, they are less inclined to visit regularly. My wish will be fulfilled entirely when doctors and nurses are available round the clock and when we can provide all the services of a modern hospital.”

Subhasini Mistry, a 70 year old domestic worker who built a hospital for the poor, after losing her husband at the age of 23 because she couldnt afford medical care. Name of the Hospital: Humanity Hospital.


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