Fight for your Right

Was driving back from Bangalore to Chennai and it was a midnight drive… Drive was soo please t from Bangalore till Ranipet toll… From Ranipet to SriPerambudur it was a pathetic road full of pits… Literally had to snail on this stretch and even if I accelerated I would have ended up on a pit…

I was very frustrated and angry for the quality of service we receive in spite of taxed in the name of TOLL… Upon reaching SriPrambudur toll I asked should I pay the toll for the quality of road and I was asked to talk to the Toll Manager… So, here goes the conversation;

Me: Who is responsible for the stretch between Ranipet and SriPerambudur?
Toll Manager: We are responsible..
Me: Do you know the condition of the stretch???
Toll Manager: We have taken photos and we will be fixing the patches soon…
Me: Ok… Does it make justice to pay toll for the service??
Toll Manager: No Sir!! Old contractor has been sacked and we just took charge fromYesterday…
Me: Why can’t you collect the toll after fixing the patches??
Toll Manager: Sir!!! You need not pay Toll… You can leave…

Thought the gentleman was gentle in allowing me…I was still not hot convinces because a lot of innocent people were taxed for using this bad stretch…


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