Looking for a Lawyer specialised on Insurance Claims

My dad’s insurance claim for a Heart Bypass was rejected stating that he was hypertensive… Not sure if my dad would have studied that before taking the policy and also not sure if the agent would have told this to my dad…

Our second claim for a Hemerage surgery which is related to Neuro also got rejected… The reason because the Hemerage was cause because of a anti-coagulant used for treating heart…

I’ve read that the insurance companies always try to reject a claim… But being a good customer who paid the premiums on time… Since we have spent 10 times more than the insured amount for hospitalisation, I’m not bothered for the small money we will be getting…

Second the communication process is very slow and for every query I post I get a reply after a month… In some cases I didn’t get a reply and it was a problem with the postal department…

I’m not happy at the working ethics of insurance companies and I think someone should take make these people work… I’m composing a letter to ombudsmen on our case, but am yet to receive a reply for some of the queries I made…

Also I’ve lots of doubts and thought it would be better to work with a professional… So, I’m looking for a Chennai based lawyer who is specialised on insurance claims… Will be more obliged if someone cane be of help or can refer a good lawyer specialised on insurance claims…

You can send me an email to anand@anandnataraj.com

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