Want to try Anbu PAAL Nilayam Lassi

  I was telling a friend about how I’m trying and selecting unique brevarages for my for my Coffee Shop… He told me about Iced Lassi at ANBU PAAL NILAYAM near Thanjavur Old Bus Stand…

Just added it to the list of brevarages to be tried!! 

If you have just ran thru this blog post and you have any experienced or come across any special brevarage please share it with me as a COMMENT!!!


One thought on “Want to try Anbu PAAL Nilayam Lassi

  1. 1. Karupatti / Jaggery water mixed in milk
    2. Apple cider tea
    3. Honey Cinnamon Milk
    4. Choclate drink – Dairy milk smashed in Hot milk & water
    If you have good place to store items below are very good beverages
    5. Nungu smashed in ilaneer
    6. Berry’s smashed in ilaneer
    7. Peppermint fruit punch
    8. Frozen Lemon jubes in Berry juices
    9. Frozen lemon jubes in ilaneer.

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