What is in a Filter Coffee?

What is soo special about a Coffee/Filter Coffee?? I keep wondering often, because; Coffee post in Instagram gets a lot of Likes.. Post in FB gets Likes and Comments.. In Twitter it increases my followers.. Just wondering what is soo attractive about… Read More

What is this situation called!!!

Two weeks back I had a discussion with my CFO Mr. Bala and we decided to rework on our Coffee Shop initiative!!! Like we anticipated there were lots of hiccups on reworking on big Coffee Shop. It involved many challenges like; Finding… Read More

Revival of my Coffee Shop Dream

Went to CCS after a while and it was a long business meeting with Bala.. After wrapping our business discussions, it was chill out time and Bala casually asked about the status of Coffee Shop initiative!!! It all started from here and… Read More

Want to try Anbu PAAL Nilayam Lassi

  ‬I was telling a friend about how I’m trying and selecting unique brevarages for my for my Coffee Shop… He told me about Iced Lassi at ANBU PAAL NILAYAM near Thanjavur Old Bus Stand… Just added it to the list of brevarages… Read More

Will the concept click in India

Just curious to know if the concept will click in India??

At Munch Cafe Kilpauk

Had been to Munch Cafe, Kilpauk with Rooban BRO… I see a lot of coffee houses launched every other day in India, with wonderful ambience… Irony is, I couldn’t get a nice coffee… Wondering where the GAP is?? Is this the taste… Read More

Thumbs Down to Cafe Coffee Day’S The Square

Had big expectations on Cafe Coffee Day’s The Square for the hype given by my friend… But I was in for a disappointment… Ordered two coffee & sandwich… Only the coffee got served and sandwich got missed… Even the coffee was not… Read More

Coffee Menus from Malaysia

Was able to taste 6 different types of coffee & tea that I haven’t tasted in India.:. These are some menus which will be a part if my coffee Shop Menu!! Coffee Slush Tea Slush Iced Tea Rainbow Soda Coffee & Tea… Read More

Lots of takeaways from Cafe Vienna at KLCC

Just dropped into Cafe Vienna for the wi-fi a access… But ended up with lots of takeaways for SCL… Learned about a new menu, product presentation & service :)…

Food Menus from Starbucks

Haven’t tasted them but got impressed with the display & sure they must taste good too… Might add some if them to Startup Coffee Longe menu…