Revival of my Coffee Shop Dream

Went to CCS after a while and it was a long business meeting with Bala.. After wrapping our business discussions, it was chill out time and Bala casually asked about the status of Coffee Shop initiative!!!

It all started from here and I was explaining Bala on where we were struck and the funding required for the project!!

Then Bala immediately opened an avenue through NEEDS Program Tamil Nadu and this one spark was enough!!!

Immediately we contacted our old consultant and Bala referred a new consultant!!!

In just a week he worked on;

  • Finding the place!!
  • Working out funding options thru NEEDS!!
  • Working out Over Draft facility with existing banker based on our relationship!!!

With the funding challenge solved and with the place finalised, it is just setting up the shop!!

Yesterday Bala had a meeting with a vendor who has expertise in setting up coffee shops and got all the prerequisites!!!

Now it is time to get quotation from multiple vendors and work on executing the plan!!!

Let me take this opportunity to thank Bala for the Push!!! My next blog would be with the snaps of our Shop!!


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