NEFT not working with State Bank of India Mobile Application

NEFT Not Working on Mobile APP:

For last two days I couldn’t make NEFT transfers from my SBI Mobile APP!! I had to make my Credit Card Payment!!!

Here is the message it throws when I try to make the payment!!!

There was some issue with the app and for two days it didn’t get resolved!!! 

Now this unreliability would have made me to delay my credit card payment in spite of having sufficient funds with me but left with no option to transfer of withdraw!!!

Then my wife had some funds in her other bank account and I ended up making the payment!!

This is the last straw reason for me to move away from SBI!!!

But what makes me wonder is how could this bank maintain the status No.1 bank in India??

  • Their customer service is pathetic!!!
  • Their banking process is complicated!!!
  • Their technology adoption is slow!!!
  • Their technology latency rate is high!!
  • Too much of corruption!!!

It’s no wonder why most of the Nationalised banks are suffering and SBI is not far from that!!!


2 thoughts on “NEFT not working with State Bank of India Mobile Application

  1. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.We would love to get in touch with you and address the issue, request you to please mail us your contact or card details at mentioning reference number 080112 in your mail to enable us to address your concern on priority.

    1. Dear SBI SocialMedia Team,

      Thanks for the support!! It is nice to see SBI has such a team and they are doing a good job!! But the quality of service of your staff and tools are very poor.

      Anyways will shoot an email and see how it works!!!

      Thank you once again!!!


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