My Five To-Do’s and Life after its Done!!!

There are many To-Do list in my life but let me list the top five;

  1. Exercise and reduce 30 kilos of weight!!
  2. Meditate for an hour everyday!!
  3. Create a Neem Tree forest in a 10 acre barren dry place!!
  4. Survive an year by bartering!!
  5. Sunday’s live with nature by staying disconnected from Internet, Mobile & Television!!

When I come across a day where those to-do’s were accomplished will definitely make me feel happy and I’ll carry a sense of accomplishment!!

Then I’d look out ways to continue task which to-do’s that needs continuity and document other one time to-do’s!

Then I will start thinking What is my next To-Do? And workout ways to get that Done!


2 thoughts on “My Five To-Do’s and Life after its Done!!!

  1. It is really great,i cant imagine these..but if it happens surly it would be very interesting of going back 100 of years and experiencing these things now which those people experienced..As those days mostly kings and slaves were excisted,you will be a king if you do those because you are executing your own idea

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