Goof Ups Continues……….

  Last year went to US to incorporate a company and to open a bank account!!! To my surprise things happened in hours, it was as easy as buying a movie ticket!!

After opening the bank account, I got a temporary debit card and I was told I’d be getting a permanent card in a month!! Then I moved and forgot to check if I received a permanent debit card!!

For last 8-9 months I kept accumulating funds in my account and wanted to make a withdrawal by wire transfer!!! When we tried to make a wire transfer the last mode was card validation!!! And started realising my goof ups from here!!!

Goofup 1: We kept trying the card we had and every time validation failed!!

Goofup 2: Found there was an alternate way to validate through mobile!! Then had to disturb my friend to reactivate the number and after the number got reactivated, we found the number already on bank records was wrong!!

Goofup 3: Had no option other than to go for phone banking.. Gave a call to phone banking and got my phone number corrected..

Goofup 4: Just realised for online banking I had to validate the new phone number and only possible option was to validate thru the card!! Now again card validation failed and account got locked!!

Goofup 5: Again went for phone banking and got the account unlocked and confirmed that I was using the right card!! When I again tried to login and validate, it failed!!

Goofup 6: Again called the Phone Banking and came to know I was using a temporary card and I was sent a permanent card to my friends address which I specified during account opening!!

Goofup 7: Morning got the new card details from my friend and when I logged in I found out that it has to be activated before using!! Activation had to be done thru ATM or phone banking!!!

It was my mistake that I was not careful to validate my phone number during the time of opening the account and to follow up with my friend for the permanent card!!! These two carelessness of mine has costed unnecessary effort leak!!!

Just remembered a proverb I was taught in my kindergarten;

A stitch in time saves nine!!!

Now waiting for the banking hours as phone banking is not 24 hours!!! Hope everything will be resolved and fixed!!


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