World Entrepreneurship Day

My Festivuswould be World Entrepreneurship Day and I want to celebrate it 24tn February of every year… Yes that happens to be the birth date of Legendary Steve Jobs who taught the world how to dream and how to make dreams come true!!!

How all the day can be celebrated??

  • One entrepreneur all over the world can be awarded World Entrepreneur Award, something on the lines of Nobel or Oscar!!
  • There can be Startup Battlefield and Pitches, conducted for funding!!!
  • Entrepreneur Clubs can be formed, make entrepreneurs as members and raise donations from successful entrepreneur… Those funds can be used for Entrepreneurship Development, something like Rotary Club for social Service!!!
  • Day can be developed like Black Friday & Cyber Monday!!! It should be crazy deals all over the world!!

Why it has to be celebrated??

  • Entrepreneurs help build a nations economy!!
  • Entrepreneurs help in Job Creation!!!
  • Entrepreneurs bring best products and services to the end users!!
  • Entrepreneurs successful or failed add value to society!!! Successful ones become role-models and failed ones becomes mentors!!!

Thanks to WordPress “The Daily Post” for this wonderful topic!!! It made me think of such a day!!! I wish someday 24th February would be celebrated as a grand festival!!! 

Let me try to start it with a small group from this year!!

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