Against all ODDS – My triumph in all its GLORY!!!


The year 2008 was the most testing phase of my life… Was totally shattered by betrayal, loss of possession, loss of relationship and a bunch of legal disputes against me!!! Let me eloborate on all the odds;


  • From someone whom I assumed to be my best buddy till that day!!
  • From someone whom I thought would be my better half!!

Loss of Possession: Lost a company which I launched for which pledging my life & career for!!!

Loss of Relationship: That is the time which showed me the true face of more people who left once I lost money and identity!!

Legal Issues: I had to face a bunch of legal challenges for the next two years people who betrayed me!!

Criticism: Was criticised for getting cheated & for being a loser… Those were defiantly not a sort of criticism which I could take at that point of time!!

Judgemental: People became judgemental about every action of mine..

I was at odds and future looked blank. I was not in a mindset to fight back as I was emotionally,morally & monetaril broke!! Wanted to take a break, wanted to freak, wanted to roam free!! But society & parental pressure didn’t allow me to do that!!

Finally I started again!!! I knew each move would be watched, judged & criticised!! So, I decided to move to a place where I had no friends or relatives!! That happened to be a blessing in disguise!! I started and worked for 6-8 hours a day and I;

  • Joined a fitness studio and worked out everyday!!
  • Did Vagabond Like travel every weekend!!
  • Read a lot of books!!
  • Networked and got new friends & acquintances in this new place!!!
  • Watched a lot of movies!!
  • Boozed like a fish!!
  • Took up to marijuana!!!
  • Cried when needed!!
  • Started Blogging & Tweeting all crazy experiences!!
  • Did what all I wanted to do, even if it was bad!!

The change of place, new friends, doing what I wanted and documenting my my experience as blog gave me the needed distraction and purpose to be engaged!!

Slowly my intensity in handling hurdles became aggressive… Was able to handle challenges, quash the hurdles and finally started seeing success against the challenges… Today I’m happy and obliged to almighty for putting me into such a challenge!!

 Against All Odds I could finally triumph by being me and being decisive!!!


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