TIME is immaterial to me :)

A drunkard lying down the lanes!!! TIME doesn’t matter to him!!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Time


12 thoughts on “TIME is immaterial to me :)

      1. Its a figure of speech young man…..
        Doesn’t he look like a poor man with lesser means than you!! I quite sure you wouldn’t like to trade places….or would you?

      2. Dear Sir,

        I believe in the famous Bill Gates quote “you are born poor its not your mistake, But if you die poor its your mistake.”

        Staying poor is a choice taken by him… So, I don’t feel the need for crossing paths :)!!!


      3. Bill Gates was born to affluent parents, Sir, unlike a poor perhaps coolie born under very merger upbringing, with very littles chance to get an education like you,Sir.
        Please try to have some compassion in the future for someone with lesser means.

        And don’t be offended Sir, there are many that share your point of view, so you have company.
        And by the way be mindful of what you post.

      4. Ok Sir!!! Then let’s take the case of Abraham Lincoln, Rajini Kanth, Dhirubhai Ambani!!!!

        Also there are millions of coolie or poor folks who don’t drink…..

        Thanks for your opinion and let me consider it!!!!

      5. And by the way alcoholism is now proven a disease.
        I understand you drawing inferences from famous people. The mere fact you bring up famous folks is because they made it with sheer will and desire. That doesn’t make it the measuring stick for everybody.

        All I’m trying to say is don’t mock someone who is living his life by pasting his image in a mocking fashion.

        And by the way you don’t have to consider anything I say…..You are showing your inner image to others.

        Remember, if that guy had the choice to live well and be prosperous I’m sure he would. Perhaps, since you took the picture you should dig deeper into his life’s journey and tell him about Bill Gates and knock some sense into him. Perhaps ask him to check into a rehab center of his choice.

        Since you bring up all the billionaires I’m quite sure you are shooting for that….And if you fail to reach it, will you deem you life a failure? Monkey see, monkey do!!

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