Bites of Pre 1990’s Kids

Peanut Candy, Sesame Candy, Honey Candy & Athirasam

These are bits of pre 1990’s school kids!! These items are mostly sold by granny’s on a plate or on a handcart near the school entrance!!

Also, available with small petty shops!! There native bits lost patronage during the late 90’s as kids & parents considered them unhygienic and not so fashionable to eat them!!

Yesterday I was thrilled to see this in a Start Hotel’s buffet menu!! These were the first items I picked as it gets me lots of nostalgic memories!!

Items on the plate are;

  • Honey Candy(தேன் மிட்டாய்)
  • Sesame Burfi(எள்ளு மிட்டாய்)
  • Peanut Burfi(கடல மிட்டாய்)
  • Athirasam(அதிரசம்)

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