Dealing with a Contradictory and Boastful Friend: A Nightmare

Have you ever come across someone who always seems to contradict everything you say, has an opinion on everything, and thinks they know everything better than you do? I certainly have, and his pseudonym is Solamuthan.

Solamuthan is a unique personality who always seems to think that his way is the best way. He can make the mood of the entire room go sour with his constant need to contradict and argue with everyone. He loves to boast about his own talent, and hearing him sing his own praises is incredibly irritating.

If you suggest going to one location, he’ll insist on going to another and argue why his choice is better than yours. The same goes for hotels; he’ll always recommend another one in the opposite direction. If you take one path when driving, he’ll suggest a detour and a different route.

Accompanying Solamuthan to hotels is a nightmare. He always complains about the food and will pick a fight with the serving staff. I always fear getting into an argument with the hotel staff, as their frustration with the situation might show in the food they serve us. Yet, he continues to complain and argue with everyone.

It’s surprising how such a person has built a false sense of hype around himself despite being ridiculed by many. Solamuthan’s constant need to contradict and argue with everyone may stem from a deep-seated insecurity or a desire to assert his dominance in the conversation. Unfortunately, this behavior only serves to alienate him from others and make him difficult to be around


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