iPhone making random calls in the background

Was encountering a wired problem with my iPhone for last two days. iPhone kept dialling random numbers in the background. It’s makes 400-500 Calls a day!!!

Today went to Apple store for help and they said they haven’t encountered such a problem. Also their diagnosis said everything was perfect.

I was suspecting my just updated iOS 11. But, Found that was also not the problem.

Finally, posted in FB get some solution from friends who would have experienced same problem and it worked in minutes.

See if anyone is sharing your iCloud account? This happened to wife’s phone, as her mom was using same iCloud account. Whenever her mom calls, they used to appear on my wife’s phone.

Only then I realised, giving my old iPhone 5C to my HR team, I totally forgot to reset the password.

So, this is a problem which happens when we share iCloud in multiple phones.

As always the power of social media helped.


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