Too much caution!! Leads to disaster!!!!

Finished my first hop of my itinerary at SFO and next hop is to Vegas!!! There are no compliant as it has a business meeting with some fun..

My flight to Vegas was by 10.40 AM and should have been fine if I was at the airport by 8 AM. NOT to take any chance, I wrapped up my day early yesterday and crashed early!!

In the morning I got up by 3.15 AM and was ready by 4 AM. I CHECKED OUT and reached Bart Station by 4.30 AM only to find it to be closed.

First train from Daly City Bart Station to airport was by 6.53 AM and I had good two and half hours for the train.

Situation 1: There we’re bunch of homeless sleeping and one guy was shouting on me.

Not, knowing what to do was thinking crazy things if I’ve to walk or take an Uber!! I signed up for Uber, but it couldn’t go thru with my Indian Credit Card!!

Next, thought of walking!! But it was a three hour walk early in the morning!!! I decided to drop this option too!!

Situation 2: It was 4.30AM and it was too cold for me to be on the road!! Look at the weather at 6AM!!

Coming from India, this is something untolorable!!

Finally, without much options I crossed the road and got settled in a neighborhood which was silent and without any risk!!!

Whiled away on the streets for two hours until the station was opened!! Until entering the the airport it was freezing to core.

But I love this experience as breaking the barriers makes us strong. Overall it has become one of the days to remember in my life!!

Had Lunch at YouTube Cafeteria!! Thank You Arvind!!!

Must thank, Arvind for taking me for lunch at YouTube!!! Yes today, had been to YouTube on a guest visit!!!

It has been time well spent!!! We have to spend more time next month!!! Alsl, would love to take a tour of Google, your rally and continuation of the topics we discussed!!

Also!! I really loved your toy!!!

Sharetea Experience

There was a good 5 hours gap between meetings yesterday. After meeting a client, I had to be confined to a place as it was raining the whole day in SFO.

Normally, I use to walk around Yerba Buena gardens or sit alone and do some some soul-searching!!

Because of rain I sat inside the food court at Metreon Shopping Center!! Couldn’t do anything productive and started exploring my OnePlus 5T!! Found Amazon Prime APP and I immediately logged in and started watching a movie!!

There bumped in at this Taiwanese joint Sharetea Bubblicious!! Tried a cold tea and forgot it’s name!! It is Tea with milk with some rice like ingredients!! The taste was simply wow!!

I think I must make a visit to China & Taiwan to learn making tea and coffee from them!!

Look at the varieties they have with Tea!!

Sightglass Coffee!! Client meetup experience

Went to Sightglass Coffee at 7th Street, SFO to meet a client!!!

I was simply wowed by the rustic looks, the environment they provide for Startups & Hackers and finally their coffee!!!

This place gave me the experience and thanks to Steven to showing this place to me.

This is going to be my frequently visited spots!!

Sightglass Coffee!!

Nice to catchup with Senthil the Geek!!

  • We live & do Business almost on same city Madurai & Bangalore.
  • We were friends on FB for a long time.

But we never met when we were close. Now we have travelled 14,000 KM to meet each-other.

I’ve been following Senthil and been inspired by his community build activity and his social cause of giving back to the society.

But came to know more about his skills and accomplishments. I’m simply wowed and you have made my day Dude.

Let’s together make Madurai a vibrant Tech & Entrepreneurship HUB!!

Bites of Pre 1990’s Kids

Peanut Candy, Sesame Candy, Honey Candy & Athirasam

These are bits of pre 1990’s school kids!! These items are mostly sold by granny’s on a plate or on a handcart near the school entrance!!

Also, available with small petty shops!! There native bits lost patronage during the late 90’s as kids & parents considered them unhygienic and not so fashionable to eat them!!

Yesterday I was thrilled to see this in a Start Hotel’s buffet menu!! These were the first items I picked as it gets me lots of nostalgic memories!!

Items on the plate are;

  • Honey Candy(தேன் மிட்டாய்)
  • Sesame Burfi(எள்ளு மிட்டாய்)
  • Peanut Burfi(கடல மிட்டாய்)
  • Athirasam(அதிரசம்)

Pathetic state of Indian Customer Support Executives

Went to a nearby Vodafone store at Madurai to Enquire about roaming tariff and plans for a month.

Pathetic thing is the Customer Support Executive was not aware of the plans and packages. With the help of the store manager he got be a leaflet which had the plans.

The manager was very pessimistic to enable the plan and he advised the executive to take a written declaration for enabling the plan.

I agreed and started writing the declaration and by the time there was to & foe discussion between the executives. An executive sitting on the next counter confused with a plan which was not existing.

Finally the guy assisting me got scared and asked me to do it in Chennai.

I was worried about the pathetic state of support and knowledge of support executives even with private institutions.

They lack information, intention to assist and they are indecisive. Thought I lost time, I was at least happy that he didn’t screw up.

The the same day I checked at Vodafone website and within a minute I enabled the plan. It was self explanatory and DIY method. Enabled my plan in 3 easy steps.

I see really a sad future for these (un)professionals as they are becoming redundant as machines and technologies are going to take their positions.