Why mothers are special

Got a call from my friend in Madurai to inform me about the accident of a common friend… Accident happened when my friend was returning from Trichy along with his wife, 2 kids & sister after attending a marriage… I was told my friend slept while driving and that to driving at a speed of 120 KM / HR…

My friend suffered injuries on his chest & leg… His sister was the worst hurt as her spinal chord was badly damaged and heard her condition was pretty serious… Then his wife had serious head injuries…

But what startled me was his 2 kids escaped without a single scratch… My friends wife hugged & covered the kids which saved them unhurt… On hearing this I was speechless… I saw how a mother instantly thought of saving her kids putting her life in the back-foot… I cannot imagine a relationship which is far more than a mother… I salute this mother & wish her a speedy recovery…

Also please pray for the recovery of my friends family & his sister a speedy recovery… Wish they quickly overcome the trauma physically & mentally…

Emergency Experience

It was saturday night & i’ve planned to party after a while. My friends & I were already in a hotel and the time we were about to enter the discotheque I got a call from my friend Sriram & Bala that they were in trouble. When i called them back i was requested to come to MIOT hospital without wasting time on phone.

Instantly we cancelled all our program and I reached MIOT hospital in 20 min. I was shocked to see some 5 of my friends bleeding and were in a critical state. Normally I’m scared to see people who have met with accidents. This time i didn’t know where i got the confidence from. I was able to handle the situation. To my surprise;

  • I saw all my friends & was able to console them.
  • I did all the documentation formalities in the Hospital.
  • Handled the COPS.

I must say doctor attending emergency patients single handedly managed the situation well with his support staff. When i left of them were taken to ICU & I reached home to take some rest.

After waking up by noon I called up folks & was glad that everyone was shifted to normal ward and everyone was out of danger.

Then i went to the hospital to meet them. By this time most of the family members were already there & my friends were screwed by their parents & wives.

Other irony for them was they were getting calls from friends & relatives and they had to explain what has happened to everyone. I think each of them would have explained the situation to friends, relatives, cops & hospital staff at-least 50 times each.

I didn’t want them to be serious and we started making joke of the situation and we all made hospital as a get-together event. Now they are all out of danger & letz prey for their speedy recovery.

Will keep you all posted about their recovery process.

My friend met with acccident..

One of my best mates met with an accident 2 weeks back near Trichy en route to Kodaikanal. It all happened because the driver slept and let the vehicle in a pit. My friend suffered a fracture in the nose and is still recovering from it. Also one of his friends fractured his legs. After coming out from this my friend emailed me the snaps of his vehicle. I know how he worked hard to buy it and the joy in his face was over helming. But today I can see the sadness in his face. He is more worried that his vehicle is no more. But I’m happy that he is safe. Here are the snaps of the vehicle.