Emergency Experience

It was saturday night & i’ve planned to party after a while. My friends & I were already in a hotel and the time we were about to enter the discotheque I got a call from my friend Sriram & Bala that they were in trouble. When i called them back i was requested to come to MIOT hospital without wasting time on phone.

Instantly we cancelled all our program and I reached MIOT hospital in 20 min. I was shocked to see some 5 of my friends bleeding and were in a critical state. Normally I’m scared to see people who have met with accidents. This time i didn’t know where i got the confidence from. I was able to handle the situation. To my surprise;

  • I saw all my friends & was able to console them.
  • I did all the documentation formalities in the Hospital.
  • Handled the COPS.

I must say doctor attending emergency patients single handedly managed the situation well with his support staff. When i left of them were taken to ICU & I reached home to take some rest.

After waking up by noon I called up folks & was glad that everyone was shifted to normal ward and everyone was out of danger.

Then i went to the hospital to meet them. By this time most of the family members were already there & my friends were screwed by their parents & wives.

Other irony for them was they were getting calls from friends & relatives and they had to explain what has happened to everyone. I think each of them would have explained the situation to friends, relatives, cops & hospital staff at-least 50 times each.

I didn’t want them to be serious and we started making joke of the situation and we all made hospital as a get-together event. Now they are all out of danger & letz prey for their speedy recovery.

Will keep you all posted about their recovery process.


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