Why mothers are special

Got a call from my friend in Madurai to inform me about the accident of a common friend… Accident happened when my friend was returning from Trichy along with his wife, 2 kids & sister after attending a marriage… I was told my friend slept while driving and that to driving at a speed of 120 KM / HR…

My friend suffered injuries on his chest & leg… His sister was the worst hurt as her spinal chord was badly damaged and heard her condition was pretty serious… Then his wife had serious head injuries…

But what startled me was his 2 kids escaped without a single scratch… My friends wife hugged & covered the kids which saved them unhurt… On hearing this I was speechless… I saw how a mother instantly thought of saving her kids putting her life in the back-foot… I cannot imagine a relationship which is far more than a mother… I salute this mother & wish her a speedy recovery…

Also please pray for the recovery of my friends family & his sister a speedy recovery… Wish they quickly overcome the trauma physically & mentally…


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