There has been a big gap since my last blog post… The reason is my busy travel schedule & the problem with my BlackBerry WordPress APP… I almost wrote 8 blog post but I couldn’t publish them as the app was throwing an error… I was in a helpless situation as I could hardly use my notebook which in turn made things difficult…

This is a classic case of dependance on technology & the effects of itz malfunctions… All these days I was feeling soo incomplete for not updating my blog…

Now it is time to fix my WordPress App…


Blogging interest diminishes

I’ve been blogging for more than 6 years and regularly for 2 years. After getting my BlackBerry I thought I can increase my blogging as I can do live blogging.

But in reality my interest has drastically come down and that can be seen in the frequency of my blog post. For last week I’m trying my hand on Video Blogging and for some reasons I’m unable to upload the video to YouTube.

I think this weekend I might find an hack and soon you can see me doing video blogs regularly.

First Blog from BlackBerry

This is my first blog which I’m posting from my mobile BlackBerry Curve. I’m very thrilled as I can make live bloging while watching movies, traveling, partying.

Also I want keep a tab on web 3.0 and by this I can understand the requirements and systems and come with more products in future.

Some reservations / things I must explore is Options available in a WYSWYG editors and options to insert images.

Hence you can expect more blogs from me.

Life has changed with a BlackBerry

For long i wanted to change my mobile as my old low cost handset was having problem with its speaker. Also as a part of my new year resolution wanted to buy new handhelds and hack it. Other thing is i want to be a early bird for Web 3.0.

So as a apple freak i was almost about to go and buy an iPhone. But one of my friend confused me and didn’t allow me to buy an iPhone. He insisted me to go for a BlackBerry. He evangelized BlackBerry and still my passion for apple products made me blind and deaf.

Then for my birthday i got a combined gift from Balaji, Mom & Sister and it was nothing other than a BlackBerry curve. In two days i activated the email & IM options and within a day i fell for the product.

I’m using a BlackBerry for a week now and i can say there is a huge increase in my productivity. I don’t feel bored while waiting and I’m able to keep myself occupied.

For entrepreneurs i strongly recommend BlackBerry than any other business phones.

Brand & Image Loyalty

I’m always known for my loyalty and today my friends got annoyed to see my adamancy in making my shopping.

Today I went for shopping along with my friends to buy a BlackBerry Phone & iPod Shuffle.

I saw a The Mobile Store inside Landmark and I enquired the price. My friend said sets are cheap in Poorvika & other outlets. I said what ever the price may be I’ll but the set only from Mobile Store because it is from Virgin Group. Obvious reason is Richard Branson. I’m a great fan of him and I’ve taken him as my Guru / Mentor.

Then after that I went to buy iPod Shuffle. Again my friend said Sony is better than iPod and Sony is much cheaper than iPod. Again I went ahead and brought an iPod and again for obvious reason Apple & Steve Jobs.

Then my friend said he can get some discount if I can buy thru his vendor. Again I went ahead and bought from Landmark because I’m a great fan of its Founder Hemu Ramiah & for Tata’s and also I hold their loyalty card. 

My friends said I must be crazy. I know I’m paying a couple of hundreds more but I’ve benefitted a lot from the personalities I’ve specified. They were & are a great motivation for me. I’ve also copied some of their success formulas. I owe a lot to them even if they have not helped me physically. I feel like giving back to them though my contribution many me peanuts to them.

So I’m convinced on what I’m doing & I’ve no regrets even if my friends tell I’m a nut.