Brand & Image Loyalty

I’m always known for my loyalty and today my friends got annoyed to see my adamancy in making my shopping.

Today I went for shopping along with my friends to buy a BlackBerry Phone & iPod Shuffle.

I saw a The Mobile Store inside Landmark and I enquired the price. My friend said sets are cheap in Poorvika & other outlets. I said what ever the price may be I’ll but the set only from Mobile Store because it is from Virgin Group. Obvious reason is Richard Branson. I’m a great fan of him and I’ve taken him as my Guru / Mentor.

Then after that I went to buy iPod Shuffle. Again my friend said Sony is better than iPod and Sony is much cheaper than iPod. Again I went ahead and brought an iPod and again for obvious reason Apple & Steve Jobs.

Then my friend said he can get some discount if I can buy thru his vendor. Again I went ahead and bought from Landmark because I’m a great fan of its Founder Hemu Ramiah & for Tata’s and also I hold their loyalty card. 

My friends said I must be crazy. I know I’m paying a couple of hundreds more but I’ve benefitted a lot from the personalities I’ve specified. They were & are a great motivation for me. I’ve also copied some of their success formulas. I owe a lot to them even if they have not helped me physically. I feel like giving back to them though my contribution many me peanuts to them.

So I’m convinced on what I’m doing & I’ve no regrets even if my friends tell I’m a nut.


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