What happened to my BLOGGING??

Once blogging use to be a habit without which I couldn’t close my day!! It was real hard practice, perceivarance and discipline which helped to make it a habit!!! Over all this habit helped me in;

  • Improving my communication skills!!
  • Improved my vocabulary!!!
  • Expressing my thoughts!!
  • Documenting my daily life!!
  • Experiencing Challenges!!
  • Getting New Friends!!
  • Becoming Open & Transparent!!
  • Venting out frustration!!

As days passed this habit slowly became an addiction!!! This addiction made;

  • Me stretch my day to finish my blog post!!
  • Me depressed if I fail to make a blog post!!
  • Me do unwanted things to make a blog post!!
  • Me too transparent and open person!!
  • Me loose my reputation sometimes!!

In spite of all those negatives it helped me feel free and expose my rightful image. I was able to move without carrying any burden on my shoulder!!! 

But I wanted to stop blogging for some time because I thought that I should not get addicted to anything or do anything because of addiction!! So, I voluntarily stopped blogging for some time!!

By the time I got convinced that I was de-addicted and ready to start my blogging I got married.. Then on I couldn’t be the same transparent and open person.. There were things which my wife couldn’t tolerate and accept.. I had to hide things to her in order to avoid hurting her.. I fell into the trap of mediocrity!! So, I couldn’t blog any longer 😦

Frankly I do not want to show prejudice between my wife and parents.. I want to be the same transparent person the way I did with my parents..

Today while I was driving back alone from my wife’s native to Madurai I was thinking;

  • Why I stopped blogging for marriage?? 
  • Was I right or wrong in doing so??

Then I realised that the relationship and bond we carry with our parents are naturally stiched and we dare to take it for granted.. But with marriage we are building a bond which has to carefully crafted and stiched!!

I feel it was better sacrifice to hold my blog and my natural trait for the sake of building a relationship!! 

Not sure how far we have crossed as a couple and the depth in our bond??

Should I start Blogging or Wait for some more time??

Just want to try it out with small doses 🙂

Hope Yamuna reads this blog sometime or some day and makes a comment 🙂

My 1000th Blog Post


This is my 1000th Blog Post & Feeling emotional and happy for it…

Fourteen years back I was a student & the domain costed Rs.4000/- a year… It way beyond my budget and my mother was not sure of its use & she asked is it worth spending that much…

Those were the times of Dot-Com boom & I use to read a lot of new breed entrepreneurs… I just borrowed their attitude & told my mother that I will become a Bill Gates one day & then I didn’t want to fight to get the domain…

She was still not convinced but she gave me that money to book this domain… I’m thankful for her for sponsoring this domain…

I booked this domain with some local registrar who didn’t have an online payment gateway & I had to take Demand Draft to get buy this domain…

When i first brought this domain I never imagined it would be my mouth piece and become a part of me…

My blog helped me many ways;

  • It helped me to express myself..
  • It helped to show my point of view…
  • It improved my communication skills
  • It helped me to update my friends at one go…
  • It helped me to flush out stress & depression…
  • It got me new friends…

As time went Blogging became an Habit & started getting addicted to Blogging… This is one milestone & wish I use this space much more better, engaging & interesting for my readers…

Last but not least I’d like to THANK all my readers for the Patronage… Without your motivation & support I couldn’t have reached milestone….


Dear Friends, Itz been 2 months I blogged last… Though I evangelise and force other to blog I had to take this forced decision…

So, Why did I stop blogging for 2 months?

  • What started as a time filler eventually became hobby & finally addicted me into it… I couldn’t sleep if I didn’t blog in a particular day… I didn’t want to be addicted for something…
  • It took a tool on my sleep… Many times I corp ides on my sleep to blog which seriously affected my productivity…
  • Wanted to change my working pattern where in I wanted to sleep in nights and work in the morning… It took 2 Months to get to this routine…
  • Was too frank in my writings… Frankly exposed my personal life which didn’t go well with relatives… Was immensely preserved by my parents to control my writing… I was not comfortable someone (including my parents) influence my writing…
  • Reduction in comments also played a minor part…

Considering all the reasons I wanted to consciously take a sabbatical from blogging and wanted to see how it felt… There were moments where I was pulled automatically pulled to blog… But I resisted it and after a while I got used to it…

Not I’m fresh with new thoughts, new mindset, new work hours etc.. From now on I’d be consistent in posting a blog a day…

Blogging interest diminishes

I’ve been blogging for more than 6 years and regularly for 2 years. After getting my BlackBerry I thought I can increase my blogging as I can do live blogging.

But in reality my interest has drastically come down and that can be seen in the frequency of my blog post. For last week I’m trying my hand on Video Blogging and for some reasons I’m unable to upload the video to YouTube.

I think this weekend I might find an hack and soon you can see me doing video blogs regularly.

What an experience

I can’t believe my eyes. I don’t know if I had this much discipline. Let me list down the list of events; 

  • Reached office by 11:45 PM from alumni meet to see Rooban.
  • Checked emails, had some word with Rooban and went back home.
  • Directly went to Lu along with my notebook. Only to notice there is no net connectivity.
  • Get upset with BSNL. But had some small grub, made some calls & settled by 1:30.
  • Then thought I can run on treadmill but was upset because of BSNL & was in no mood to workout.
  • Then tried to crash. Felt like mad without laptop next to me.
  • Also not blogging my experience made me even mad.
  • Felt tired & sleepy but was unable to sleep.
  • Was awake until 3:45 AM and that is when I noticed I must blog.
  • Then I woke my mom & proceeded straight to office and reached here by 4 AM. 

Only now I can realize how addictive blogging has become to me and I’ve no regrets for this habit. 

So I made couple of blog post and time to go back home and crash =;.

What happened to my hobbies?

Last year I developed hobbies like; 

  • Photography
  • Blogging
  • Tweeting
  • Travelling
  • Physical workout. 

That is because I was back from a big depression and I had lot of time and I wanted to divert my mind from all bad experiences. It was these hobbies which helped me to overcome strongly. 

For last 3 months my concentration on all these hobbies are slowly coming down. I don’t know if I must take it positively as; 

  • I’m getting busy because of business commitments.
  • I’m back from memories of all bad experience. 

Or should I blame myself for cutting down on my hobbies which have helped me in bad times. 

Though there is every genuine reason like; 

  • System problem to download pictures shot from camera has diminished my interest in photography. In fact I stopped taking camera now-a-days.
  • Blogging has taken a beating because I’m taking care of Sales for CCS where I travel to client places. So, I’m not sitting online like before.
  • Same applies to twitter.
  • I stopped travelling because of the long summer this year and still I didn’t get back to loop.
  • Again this is because of my laziness because of travelling. 

But personally speaking I want to balance things and want to accommodate all the special things which were my companion during my lonely times. So from now I plan to be more professional and get back to loop.