BSNL Wake-up

I was told BSNL has one of the cheapest 3G plan in the Market & that prompted me to go with BSNL… So, I went to BSNL shoppe day before yesterday only to know iPad related connections were done only at Greems Road office…

Yesterday went to Greems Road office to get a 3G micro sim… Went there by 2.30 PM…

  • Had to wait on a Queue only to know I’m standing postpaid section… There were no mode to convey prepaid & postpaid zones…
  • On the prepaid area when I asked for a 3G prepaid microsim card for iPad… I was asked to take & fill prepaid form…
  • There were 2 boxes which read “Prepaid Form” & “Postpaid Form”… But to my surprise both forms were same… Then I confirmed both were same…
  • I was asked to affix a photo & I rushed out and with difficulty found a digital studio… I returned back only to find registration closes by 4 & I was there by 4.30 :(…
  • Then I went back in the morning to get it done at any cost… Had the forms filled, had all proof documents… All I had to do was to sign the form & my pen was not writing for some reason and I couldn’t source a pen from BSNL folks it was a typical government staff attitude…
  • Then it took 40 min for the person concerned to document things and give me the SIM…

Normally it takes 15 – 20 min for a private telecom player… It took 6 hours for me to get a connection… Also on waiting I found people chit-chatting about new born White tiger cub in zoo while customers were made to wait… Though I got what I want by investing valuable time I was worried to see the pathetic working culture & employee behaviour of our public sector…

What an experience

I can’t believe my eyes. I don’t know if I had this much discipline. Let me list down the list of events; 

  • Reached office by 11:45 PM from alumni meet to see Rooban.
  • Checked emails, had some word with Rooban and went back home.
  • Directly went to Lu along with my notebook. Only to notice there is no net connectivity.
  • Get upset with BSNL. But had some small grub, made some calls & settled by 1:30.
  • Then thought I can run on treadmill but was upset because of BSNL & was in no mood to workout.
  • Then tried to crash. Felt like mad without laptop next to me.
  • Also not blogging my experience made me even mad.
  • Felt tired & sleepy but was unable to sleep.
  • Was awake until 3:45 AM and that is when I noticed I must blog.
  • Then I woke my mom & proceeded straight to office and reached here by 4 AM. 

Only now I can realize how addictive blogging has become to me and I’ve no regrets for this habit. 

So I made couple of blog post and time to go back home and crash =;.

Carelessness Costs Dear

For last 6 – 7 years I’ve been using BSNL broadband and for last 2 years i switched to WiFi. As i spend most of my time in office my Internet usage at home is limited and same applies to my sister too.

So, frequently internet is used by my parents who use internet for accessing matrimony sites and for checking emails. Last month to our surprise we got a bill for Rs.3000/- which is more by Rs.2000. My mother was pestering me, my sister and father to check why there is a sudden raise in the bill.

We all took it lightly and to our surprise we got a bill for Rs.11000/- this month. I was torn left right and center by my mom and she is still unable to come to terms for paying such a steep bill amount.

I’m sure it must be used by some neighbours as Wi-Fi cannot reach beyond a point. It is sad to see how neighbours exploit others resources.

But i’ve to blame myself as being a techie i know the consequence of leaving access open & underestimating the knowledge levels of my neighbours.

Now i’m spending more time convincing my mom and I’ve taken up the responsibility of paying this months bill.