Carelessness Costs Dear

For last 6 – 7 years I’ve been using BSNL broadband and for last 2 years i switched to WiFi. As i spend most of my time in office my Internet usage at home is limited and same applies to my sister too.

So, frequently internet is used by my parents who use internet for accessing matrimony sites and for checking emails. Last month to our surprise we got a bill for Rs.3000/- which is more by Rs.2000. My mother was pestering me, my sister and father to check why there is a sudden raise in the bill.

We all took it lightly and to our surprise we got a bill for Rs.11000/- this month. I was torn left right and center by my mom and she is still unable to come to terms for paying such a steep bill amount.

I’m sure it must be used by some neighbours as Wi-Fi cannot reach beyond a point. It is sad to see how neighbours exploit others resources.

But i’ve to blame myself as being a techie i know the consequence of leaving access open & underestimating the knowledge levels of my neighbours.

Now i’m spending more time convincing my mom and I’ve taken up the responsibility of paying this months bill.

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