Birthday 2016 – Lunch with CCS Folks

It has been a low profile birthday this time and went for lunch at Thalapakatti with my Co-Flounder Bala & with couple of CCS folks!!!


Had meeting with Bala Murugan

It was long time since I’ve spent time with Bala… Finally it ended to be a productive and fulfilling meeting…

– I had asked him to help me on insurance refunds for my dad and to get it done..
– Discussed about PF…
– Discussed about Group MediClaim…
– Discussed about gratuity…
– About sales team building…

Then it was in-depth discussion on Sales strategy and I covered most of the places where I failed when I was handling the sales team…

We have jotted the points for a 2 week intense training program… And their one month pilot sales project…

Have the training program scheduled by 11 am today… Am rushing to office and will post a separate blog on the experience….

SaleSamachar.Com – Best place to strike better deals

Last month we thought or purchasing our own furniture’s and Air-Conditioners for CCS as we are paying heavily on rentals. We thought Diwali would be the right time to do this because of better discounts we might get.

We were looking for some site like deals2buy to compare different discounts offers available with different vendors / retailers. While Googling I came across SaleSamachar.Com. It looks like a brand new site with lots of information on discounts available for this Diwali.

I think it must be Chennai based because all information is pertained to Chennai. I’m happy that India has got such a site after a long time. I’ve got lot of ideas for the site and I’ve shot an email to the webmaster with all my thoughts.

If they respond I might meet them and would be glad to contribute my thoughts to make SaleSamachar.Com a success.

CCS files I-T returns for Reliance BigFlix Chennai Staff

bigflixI’m thrilled to have Reliance BigFlix as one of our client. I think this is one great moment in the books of CCS and kudos to Mr.Bala Murugan for his non-stop follow up and for striking the deal. Though this is a small deal we are thrilled for more than one reason. 

  • BigFlix admin team Googled for “tax consultants” and got our link from Google Search.
  • It is always nice to see your website site working for you.
  • Then another excitement is working for a brand like Reliance.

Now I think we must be a part of their vendor list and would be glad to grow our business with them and try to win more orders with this credential.

Once again Nice Job Bala!!!!!

Help to evolve Pictorial representation of CCS services

I had a discussion with my CFO who takes care of Cogzidel Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. and asked him to prepare a pictorial representation of an organization chart and the functions we will be taking care…


At CCS we take care of Support Functions of organization like;


·         Accounts

·         Payroll

·         Service Tax

·         Income Tax

·         Sales Tax

·         IE Code

·         Business Plan Writing

·         And more


Bala has done a great job but still I want to check if the diagram is self explanatory or should it have more elaborate listing on support functions for people to understand?


I’d request my readers to pass in their thoughts and help us to get a better result.


CogzidelTemplates.Com – new star product for Cogzidel

Cogzidel has several business models and one of the business models that is getting more attention is CogzidelTemplates.Com. So what does CogzidelTemplates.Com offer?

  • Specialty templates for successful products like Magento, Clipshare, Dolphin, Joomla, WordPress and many more.
  • Products are offered for low cost and for free too.
  • Tools, tutorials and information / links related to web design, graphic design & CSS.

Last one month we are getting lots of exposure for low cost & free templates because of which we get lots of customization request. We are also able to get exposure to other businesses like Cogzidel Consultancy Services & Cogzidel Technologies. 

I must thank Mr.Major Karthik for all his efforts and single handedly taking this concept for what it is today and we can expect more accomplishments and innovations from him in coming days. We wish him best of luck.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions like adding new specialty templates for new products, marketing CogzidelTemplates.Com and any other suggestion.