Ricky Ponting and his attitude towards SUCCESS!!!

It’s a story about Ricky Ponting, one of the Greatest Cricketers to have ever approached the game.

The trait that made Ponting different from other cricketers was his sheer attitude towards the game. It was his never-say-die spirit. It’s a revelation of that attitude.

Someone once asked him the secret to his ability to find the gaps in the field. His answer was simple, yet revealing.

He said, “Every batsman surveys the field before taking strike, and usually the fielders get imprinted on his mind. They can almost see every fielder in their mind’s eye. 

But in my head, I don’t see the fielders. I only see the gaps!”

And that as his tally of runs shows made all the difference.
We could all take a leaf out of Ponting’s book:-

  • Don’t focus on the obstacles.
  • Look for opportunities.
  • Focus on your ability to solve the problems.

Life in many ways is like a game of cricket. There will be fielders out there who will stop you from scoring those runs.

There will be an opposing captain who will try his hardest to place the fielders in a manner that will make it difficult for you to score those runs. 

Your job is to find the gaps.

Next time, you see a problem or an obstacle, think the Ponting way. And see the gaps! 

No matter what, success will be your’s!!!


Nostalgic Memories


Nostalgic Memories & not sure if kids these days know how we select the batting order when we play Cricket with 5-6 individuals…

We write the numbers 123456 and draw a line under each numbers…

Then we close the numbers using the bad & every individual must choose a line…

Then the bad will be removed & now every individual will know his batting order…

End of KP’s International Career

Photo Courtesy: CricInfo

It is official thatKevin Pieterson has been axed & his international career has come to an end :(…

KP is one of my Favourite player & he will be missed for sure…

Here is KP’s response after getting axed:

Kevin Pietersen said: “Playing cricket for my country has been an honour. Every time I pulled on the England shirt was a moment of huge pride for me and that is something that will live with me forever.

“Although I am obviously very sad the incredible journey has come to an end, I’m also hugely proud of what we, as a team, have achieved over the past nine years.

‘I feel extremely fortunate to have played at a time of great success for England cricket alongside some of the best cricketers the country has ever produced.

‘I want to thank everyone for their fantastic support and I wish the team the very best of success going forward.

‘I believe I have a great deal still to give as a cricketer. I will continue to play but deeply regret that it won’t be for England.’

Sachin Tendulkar Completes 22 years of International Cricket

Sachin completes 22 years of International cricketing career… Here are 100 reasons why India loves him…

1. He has always made India proud
2. He has countless records
3. He is a great ambassador of the game
4. His career has been controversy free
5. He has the most selfless game
6. He makes a century whenever we ask him to
7. He is going to win us the World Cup
8. He is a great role model
9. He has sacrificed his personal life for his country
10. He has never sledged against any other player
11. Of his self-effacing modesty
12. Of his love for the game, for the country
13. He puts his country above himself
14. He says he is an Indian and not just a Marathi manoos
15. He always respects his parents and coach
16. He has never endorsed alcohol and tobacco products
17. He has entertained us for over 2 decades
18. He has always believed in hard work and not shortcuts
19. He has given the game and country whatever he could
20. He is the best batsman in the world
21. He sponsors 200 underprivileged children every year
22. Of the social causes he supports
23. He raised Rs 1.02 cr via twitter only in a few days for the Crusade against Cancer foundation
24. He is simply a treat to watch
25. He has changed the face of Indian cricket
26. He can bowl leg break, off break and medium-pace
27. He is the greatest wizards of the willow
28. The word pressure does not exist in his dictionary
29. He is a great team mentor
30. He silences his critics only with the bat
31. He doesn’t want to retire anytime soon
32. Bradman was reminded of his own game by Sachin
33. Brian Lara thinks Sachin is the best batsman
34. He is the only player to score a 200 in ODIs
35. Wisden ranked him the second greatest Test batsman of all time, behind Donald Bradman
36. Only he has scored 50 centuries in Tests
37. He is the only player to score a century in all three of his Ranji Trophy,Duleep Trophy and Irani Trophy debuts
38. He was the leading run scorer in the 1996 & 2003 world cups
39. He has proven that cricket is a ‘gentleman’s game’
40. He is a living legend in the cricketing fraternity
41. He is the only batsman in the world to torment Australia
42. He has scored centuries against all test playing nations
43. He was the first overseas cricketer to play for Yorkshire
44. He was gifted the Ferrari 360 Modena by Fiat through Michael Schumacher
45. He has won the most number of man of series and the man of matches in ODIs
46. He scored a century at Perth when he was 18 when all the other batsmen struggled
47. Of his never say die spirit
48. Of his insatiable hunger for runs and victory
49. His desire to dominate the opponent
50. Of his commitment and dedication for his team and country
51. He never shows disrespect to the national flag
52. He is the Einstein of cricket
53. He is responsible for making cricket a religion in India
54. He was named by Sir Don Bradman in his dream team of all time
55. He has the most number of runs in ODIs
56. He has the highest number of centuries in ODIs
57. He was the first one to make 10,000 runs in ODIs
58. He is the highest run scorer in world cups
59. He is the only player to be in top 10 ICC ranking for 10 years
60. He is the only cricketer to win the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, Arjuna Award and the Padma Shri
61. Time magazine named him as one of the Asian Heroes in November 2006
62. He has not let his stardom affect his nature
63. Encourages youngsters of other countries also
64. He can play all the shots that exist in a book of cricket
65. He is calm and composed on and off the field
66. He is compassionate
67. He is has an impish smile
68. No matter what his age, he will always look and talk like a kid
69. He is respected by all bowlers of all eras
70. He won the Man of the Series award in the 2003 world cup
71. He remembers all of his test dismissals
72. He autographs with his left hand even if he is right handed
73. He fielded for Pakistan as a substitute during a practice match against India at Brabourne Stadium in 1988 showing his love for the game
74. Being 5’5”, he can smash even the tallest bowlers of the world
75. He has the most number of fifties in ODIs
76. His most man of the match awards are against Australia
77. He has played in 90 different grounds across the world
78. He has inspired and will continue to inspire youngsters day after day
79. He was honoured with the rank of Group Captain by the Indian Air Force
80. If you meet him he will not refuse to give you an autograph
81. He always looks up towards the sky after scoring a 50 or 100
82. The way he balances his professional and personal life
83. He is one of the most down to earth cricketers
84. He never forgets to thank his teachers and coaches who played an important role in his life
85. He plays for his country and not for money
86. He does not put himself above the game
87. He has never been a part of any controversy
88. He has always been a great father and family man
89. He is one of the highest respected cricketers in the world
90. He has a stand named after him at the Wankhede Stadium
91. He captained his IPL team Mumbai Indians to the finals in 2010
92. He played a match winning innings against Pakistan in the 2003 World Cup
93. He carries the hoped of a billion fans on his shoulders
94. He has the largest fan following in the country
95. He surely deserves the Bharat Ratna at the age of 37
96. He plays the sport in the right spirit
97. He considers the victory of his team primary and his personal records secondary
98. He is going to score his hundredth 100 soon
100. He is responsible for making cricket a religion in India

We are World Champions

Cricket is something which unites us irrespective of caste, color, creed, religion or language… This is one game we take it soo serious that we make our players Villan’s when they loose and break their house… And we make them real super heros when they win… Today we had a bunch of Super heros led by my Thala(Leader in tamil) Dhoni… What to say I really have no words about this victory… Some synopsys of this world cup;

  • Booked room at Green Park hotel for England match and the match ended in draw.
  • We to a pub in green park for South Africa match and we lost it.
  • Then decided not to venture out and tried watching the match from home & I didn’t take bath for the match with Australia & we won it…
  • Followed same sentiment and i dint take bath, wore the same costumes I did for previous match & this time it was against Pakistan… I was restless the whole day… All I wanted was to win against Pakistan and even if we had lost the cup I’d have forgiven our heros… Hooray we won against pakistan too…
  • Then it was finals yesterday & same sentiment continued & we won it against Sri Lanka too…

Immediately after the victory I wanted to celebrate it with bunch of my city folks and immediately caucht up couple of folks in a pub & went to Bessie (Besant Nagar Beath…

Bhoy it was absolute party all over the roads… I was very emotional and so as others… Now this will last for a week atleast & this is one of the special day in my life… Here are some snaps I took & in next blog I’ll share the videos taken…

Getting Bored with Media

Yesterday I got annoyed while switching news channels… Almost all channeld were reporting only about Indo – Pak semi-finals as if there was no news around the world… It is all about;

  • Commandos taking over the security of stadium…
  • Dr.Manmohan Singh’s Invite to Pak’s PM & President…
  • Mr.Gilani’s acceptance to India’s Invitation…
  • Match Prediction…

etc etc… There was nothing special watching TV on a sunday which had nothing to report… Also am worried that for next two days it would only be same news… Must find out ways to stay away from TV for next 2 – 3 days…

Bid Aideu Murali

I remember it was 1994 (I was 14 years then)and i went to visit my uncle in Trichy. Since my uncle was busy he left me in one of our family friends house & asked his friends son to take me for a game of cricket with him. That new friend of mine told me they will play cricket only by evening and he said we can watch India vs Sri Lanka test match.

Those days Sri Lanka were underdogs & I was not interested to watch the match because it was a test match and second it is a Indo Sri Lanka Match. But had to watch it as I didn’t have a choice. That is when i came to know through that new friend that there was a lone Tamalian in the team and that was Muralidharan. That is when i came to know this legendary guy. I didn’t know then that this guy is going to create records in his career. Though I supported India & admired Sachin I was happy to watch this guy bowl when this guy bowls.

Then whenever I see Sri Lankan scorecard (they use to loose most of the matches then) I see for Murali’s bowling figures only. But this team went on to become a great success during 1996 world cup and contribution of Murali in bowling was phenomenal along with Vaas & Wikramasinghe and batting was taken care by Jeya Surya, Ranatunga, Aravinda De Silva, Mahanama & Tillakratne. He was one of the core member of the best team Sri Lanka has ever produced till date.

From then the guy whom i admired has become the guy I mostly hated as Sri Lanka started winning matches & Murali would be one of the striking force for the victory. But I think India in the one of the team which has hammered him a lot. But his 100 wickets haul can show he was a success against India. Many times i supported the decision of banning him for chucking not because of logic but because I wanted to get rid off matches against India.

Second thing I got upset was him getting married to Madhu Malar daughter of Malar hospitals and I felt like i lost a fortune & a beauty :(. Still i envy him for that.

Today again he is one of the reason for India’s loss. But we must accept that this guy is a genius cricketer. It is not a joke for someone to be leading wicket taker in both ODI & in Test matches.

When I saw his farewell I instantly remembered the day when I first came to know about him & how he has changed the fortunes of a small island nation & his own image.

At this moment I would Thank him for entertaining us for all these years…

Significance of March 10 – For Cricket Fans

There are several significant dates in Indian cricket history. Take June 25 for instance. A later generation would easily remember it as the day that India won the World Cup in England in 1983, while deeper followers of the game will identify it as the date India began her international journey at Lord’s in 1932.

August 24 is another historic date which Indian cricket fans will recall with relish – the day India finally won a Test and a series in England for the first time by winning the match at the Oval in 1971. It should also be easy to remember February 10 – the day India won her first Test match at Chepauk in 1952.

March 10 has to be one of the most significant dates in Indian cricket, for on this day 14 years apart two great triumphs were notched up. In 1971, India scored their maiden Test victory over West Indies and that was enough to give them the series played in the Caribbean. In 1985, India beat back successive challenges from Pakistan, England, Australia and New Zealand and won the World Championship of Cricket one day tournament in Melbourne with another victory over Pakistan in the title clash. Both triumphs were also notable because they were unexpected. When the Indians toured the Caribbean islands in 1971 they were rated as no-hopers.

In 23 Tests between the two countries dating back to 1948, India had never taken even the first innings lead. They had lost 12 matches and drawn eleven. And yet in the first Test at Kingston India not only took the first innings lead but also enforced the follow on before West Indies managed to save the Test.

However, the home team could not escape defeat in the second Test at Port of Spain. India dominated the match literally from the first ball when Abid Ali bowled Roy Fredericks and finally on March 10, registered a seven-wicket victory with a day to spare – their first victory over the West Indies in 25 Tests. Interestingly, the Test also marked the debut of Gavaskar.

Fourteen years later, Gavaskar was at the helm when the Indians took off for Australia. The Test series and the one-day series against England at home had just been lost and the atmosphere was anything but congenial. India were the reigning World Cup champions alright but since that memorable June day in 1983, their record had taken a beating. They had been outclassed 0-5 by the West Indies in 1983-84 and also went down to Australia at the start of the following season.

The WCC was going to be particularly tough assignment for all the seven Test playing nations were taking part. India were placed in group A along with Australia, England and Pakistan, while group B comprised New Zealand, West Indies and Sri Lanka.

On current form, India were rated rank outsiders and given little chance of making the semifinals. But once the tournament began there was a transformation. The diffidence of the England series was a thing of the past and the Indians played confidently, even aggressively.

One amazing win followed another as the bowlers picked up the wickets at regular intervals and the batsmen got the runs at a brisk pace. Pakistan were beaten, then England and then Australia and India had made it to the semifinals. With another emphatic win over New Zealand, India unexpectedly made it to the title clash against Pakistan who had shocked West Indies in the other semifinal.

By now, however, the Indians were playing like a well oiled  machine that was purring along. They were simply unstoppable and an eight-wicket victory over Imran Khan and his men was the perfect manner in which to end a tournament where they had a dream run.

The picture of the Indian team taking a victory lap at the MCG in the Audi car that was presented to Man of the Series Ravi Shastri remains one of the most memorable in Indian cricket history.

And, in a poll conducted a few years ago, the WCC triumph was rated even higher than the World Cup victory.

For one thing the opposition was stronger and the victories were all emphatic in nature. Also, this was an all-win record whereas during the World Cup campaign two years before the Indians won six matches but lost two.

The 25th anniversary of the WCC triumph is as good a time as any to recall a very significant date in Indian cricket. Oh yes, March 10, whether 1971 or 1985, is one of the dates remembered with relish by Indian cricket fans.

Happy Birthday Yuvraj

Today must be an enjoyable day for lot many reasons like; 

  • It is birthday of my icon Rajini Kanth.
  • Had a lot of productive meeting in office.
  • Visited CEO LifeStyle’09 in Chennai Trade Centre & enjoyed it very much.
  • India won T20 against Sri Lanka & squared the series. 

So what more a person can get in a day? Being born from a Cricket crazy country and also to watch your country wining a match is a pleasant feel for any Indian. That too when it happens at the close of a happy day there is nothing more to say. 

I must say kudos Yuvraj Singh. What a treat he has given to all Indian during his Birthday. Great bowling, Spectacular batting & finally winning the match for India. 

I wish Yuvi a Many More Happy returns of the day and thank you for making the day so special.