We are World Champions

Cricket is something which unites us irrespective of caste, color, creed, religion or language… This is one game we take it soo serious that we make our players Villan’s when they loose and break their house… And we make them real super heros when they win… Today we had a bunch of Super heros led by my Thala(Leader in tamil) Dhoni… What to say I really have no words about this victory… Some synopsys of this world cup;

  • Booked room at Green Park hotel for England match and the match ended in draw.
  • We to a pub in green park for South Africa match and we lost it.
  • Then decided not to venture out and tried watching the match from home & I didn’t take bath for the match with Australia & we won it…
  • Followed same sentiment and i dint take bath, wore the same costumes I did for previous match & this time it was against Pakistan… I was restless the whole day… All I wanted was to win against Pakistan and even if we had lost the cup I’d have forgiven our heros… Hooray we won against pakistan too…
  • Then it was finals yesterday & same sentiment continued & we won it against Sri Lanka too…

Immediately after the victory I wanted to celebrate it with bunch of my city folks and immediately caucht up couple of folks in a pub & went to Bessie (Besant Nagar Beath…

Bhoy it was absolute party all over the roads… I was very emotional and so as others… Now this will last for a week atleast & this is one of the special day in my life… Here are some snaps I took & in next blog I’ll share the videos taken…


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