Never mind Mahe!!!

I think it is high time for Indian fans to get mature when it comes to their expectation on Cricket. Personally I’m a great cricket fan and I can’t tolerate India loosing. But we have to understand how we loose. For sure the current team is the best even team India has produced in last 60 years and it has got lot of laurels.

But yesterday I got frustrated to watch a Tamil news channel telling Dhoni would be removed from Captaincy for Team India’s exit from T20 world cup.

Also I think Media is going over board in doing their postmortem. All I can say is Dhoni has proved his mantle as a captain on more than one occasion and this one defeat should not question his capabilities as a leader.

We must acknowledge that T20 is a game of luck. In this format of game any one player’s overwhelming performance can turn any match. This is evident from Team’s like Ireland & Netherlands winning prominent teams which would have been a challenge for them in One day format.

T20 doesn’t allows any martin for error compared with one day format where in you can make up for your mistake. This short version of game is highly speculative and more of a gamble.

We must also blame our Media for this defeat because from the beginning of the game they created lot of unnecessary issues like Shewag incident, IPL fatigue etc. Their interference on player’s privacy and team’s privacy has gone beyond limit. All we have to do is to control our media from doing nonsense job of criticizing.

I’m sure Dhoni & Co will bounce back strong with their capabilities. Good luck Team India for future endowers.

To succeed you must be on Right Place & Time

I wanted to take this topic because this in one topic which I debate with my friend K.Balaji. We have been astonished by the overwhelming success of India Premier League (IPL) and there has been lots of applause for itz architect Lalit Modi. Ofcourse he has done a great job by bringing all players at one place and added glamour by adding cheer girls and bollyhood.


But we have all forgotten the real person who was behind such an idea it was Indian Cricket League (ICL) and team. They deserve a lot to corner BCCI and the end result was a great product called IPL.


But what lesson we must learn from ICL is one must be in Right place and Right time to succeed. This reminds of my father who keeps feeling bad that he didn’t deserve growth in his company and he often feels bad that his juniors have gone above him.


But the sad thing is my father had a accounting degree and he was working with an Engineering company where people with Engineering background got more growth than him. My father didn’t realize this or didn’t understand this. He would have had great career growth if he has joined a Bank or any other company whose business model was related to accounts.


My father’s ignorance took a toll on me and my sister. He came to a conclusion that accounting specialization is of no value and only people with engineering specialization have value.


My father’s case can my compared with ICL where both of them lost because of being in a wrong place.


For wrong timing we can show cases of good movies in India which fails miserable because they might have got released when there is a Cricket World Cup or would have got released when theatres are on strike.


Likewise I see many people complaining about job satisfaction, fatigue etc. For all those people I’d ask them to see if they are in the right place or time.

On a last note let us not forget the contribution of ICL to Indian Cricket. They have pushed the competitor to get the best out of them. Still they are fighting and even of they loose they can feel proud for giving a brave and bold fight. For sure they have a place in my heart.

Happy Birthday Sachin

250px-sachin_tendulkarItz been 20 years of international career and still going strong and we are talking about none other than our cricketing wizard Sachin Tendulkar… The day still reminds in my eyes as ever… I was studying in my Grade 5 and my uncle said this is the youngest player in the world and I was unable to pronounce his name… For some time was calling him as TENDOS…


From that moment I’ve been following each and every birthday of him and he has come a long way in his life and career… What a man and his contributions to game and country is unquestionable… There are lots of sites that were offering statistics of him… But I want to know how many days in this 20 years he has played professional cricket… Here is the stat;


Total Matches

No. of Days

Total Days







One Day





First Class





List A















He has spent one third of his career in playing competitive cricket which comes to six years and eight months…


Let me take this opportunity to wish this legend a Happy Birthday and wish he plays for the country for atleast next 2 years…

IPL 2009 To-do

IPL starts from 18th and more importantly it starts with Chennai Super Kings & Mumbai Indians… Last year I didn’t show much interest in the beginning but over days the tournament pulled me and also had opportunities to watch matches because of my friend Prasad’s influence with India Cements… This time I miss the tournament in India coz I can’t watch matches from the Stadium… Anyways let me do put a to-do list and make my schedule such that it doesn’t affect my work and watching matches…


  • Download Matches Schedule and Place it in Desktop & stick a printout of schedule in my table…
  • Subscribe for Sony Max in Sun Direct DTH… This is first priority and this must be done tomorrow itself…
  • Buy Chennai Super Kings T-shirt from Reebok…
  • Block Rs.10,000/- for betting with friends particularly with my twitter mate Sameer…
  • Change my caller tunes to Chennai Super Kings song…
  • If possible perform a special puja for Chennai Super Kings to win the cup this time…
  • Form a group in Madurai to watch matches… In Chennai there is no need as there are lots of group which I must choose and join…

Also last time we went with my MBA group for matches… This time there is a get-together on April 27, 2009 before the graduation day… So, I might not miss my MBA group this time…