Live to EAT!!!

I’ve been waiting to write on the topic “Live to Eat” for a long time!! Now I must than WordPress for pushing me to write on the topic for “The Daily Post”!!

I keep telling my family and friends that I eat to live and not the other way around!!! Unfortunately being overweigh, people refuse to accept my point!!

Even my mother and wife think that I’m a foodie!!! But let me explain why I don’t consider myself a foodie who Live to eat;

  • I don’t go to restaurants to eat a particular choice of food!!!
  • I keep eating curd rice or sambar idly everywhere & everytime. I don’t try anything new!!!
  • I don’t eat if I’m not hungry!!
  • My quantity of food intake is less!!!

Then why am I overweight??

  • I eat at odd hours!!!
  • I eat at odd times!!!
  • I eat a lot of fried foods!!!
  • I don’t eat a balanced diet!!!
  • I don’t exercise!!!
  • I drink a lot of cold water after a meal!! 

By knowing the reasons for the overweight I want to work on the diet to reduce my weight, as I don’t have valuable time for workout!!!